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Do You Know Where You’ll Spend Eternity?

Sunday was an unforgettable day with Coach Mark Richt! He did an incredible job sharing his faith and the gospel. It was so encouraging to see people back that we haven’t seen since COVID, as well as so very many new faces. If you missed the service on Sunday, click here to watch now.

I keep thinking about how Coach Richt came to know the Lord. When he was on the coaching staff at Florida State, one of the players, Pablo Lopez, was tragically killed. The next day as Head Coach Bobby Bowden addressed the team, he asked them to put themselves in Pablo’s shoes. He asked them if it would have been them who died, do they know where they’d spend eternity? God spoke to Coach Richt through Coach Bowden and he gave his life to Christ.

I asked the Liberty family the same question on Sunday. No one is guaranteed tomorrow. Every one of us will die and when we do, the only decision that will matter is whether or not we’ve put our faith in Jesus.

Will you put yourself in Pablo’s shoes? Do you know where you will spend eternity? If not, like Coach Richt did so many years ago, I encourage you to get it settled today.

You may say, “I am as good as the people who go to church.”
We do not compare ourselves to others but to God. None of us measure up.

You may say, “There are hypocrites in the church.”
I agree. There are in every walk of life. Just because there are bad restaurants doesn’t not keep you from eating!

You may say, “I am going to wait.”
For what? God is not going to write another Bible and Jesus is not going to die again on the cross.

You may say, “I’m not worthy.”
No one is but Jesus.

You may say, “I can’t live the Christian life.”
It is not about rules. It is about a relationship.

You may say, “I am too busy.”
You are not too busy to go to work, school, a ballgame, or to die.

You may say, “I have my own religion.”
It is not the Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Pentecostal, or any other way. Jesus said, “I am the way….”

You may say, “I am not ready to join the church.”
You are right. You have to first trust Jesus. Trusting in Jesus does not automatically make you a church member.

You may say, “I have tried but failed.”
You may have tried religion, or good works, but Jesus never fails.

You may say, “I like my life the way it is.”
Will you like it 20 or 40 years from now? Will you like it when you die?

One day we are all going to watch our last Super Bowl. Sunday night was the last Super Bowl some people will ever watch. Your accomplishments in life, your career, your money, will not matter when it is your time to die. All that matters is whether you name is written in God’s record book.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Every married couple knows how it all begins. Someone makes a proposal, and someone says, “Yes.” Jesus has made a proposal in His Word. Romans 10:13 says, “For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Will you call on His name and say “yes” to Him today?

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