Donating Sewing Mask Supplies

  • 100% Cotton Woven Fabric (ideally “quilt shop quality”)
  • 100% Cotton Flannel (ideally “quilt shop quality”)
  • Bedsheets (preferably flat ones, new/used, with high thread counts and made of 100% cotton)
  • Cording, webbing, welting, washable ribbon or other materials which are suitable for use as mask ties, and which can be washed and sterilized
  • Thin gauge bare wire, twist tie material, 1/4″ strips of thin metal (non-rusting) or other malleable materials which can be easily formed and then maintain a shape using fingers (these are used to keep the mask better sealed around the wearers nose and are sewn into a seam at the top of the mask). It is ideal if they are rolls as we need long lengths for the most efficient production.