Block Parties

June – August 2019

We want to take the love of Jesus to our communities. So as a church, we’ve got a goal to throw ten block parties in our neighborhoods this summer. We want the party to come to you, so we’ve built out an all-in-one, party-in-a-box, block party trailer. We’ve filled it with inflatables, popcorn & sno-cone machines, and much more!

The rest is up to your group. Be creative. Maybe you’ll head over to a local park on a Saturday morning. Maybe your group will canvas one weeknight before to let your neighborhood know, then throw your party the following week. What’s most important is just being intentional about getting to know your neighbors.

If you’re interested in reserving the trailer for your group, check the calendar below for availability and sign up here:

And, if all this sounds like a blast, but you don’t have a group yet, now’s your time. Chances are we’ve got a group going near you, and this summer’s a great time to give it a test drive!