How to Tell Your Story: Evangelism Training

March 2 | 8AM-12PM

Stories have always been a natural way to communicate ideas and truth to people we encounter. Jesus often used stories to illustrate a point or an idea with those around Him. We want to invite you to join us on March 2 as we learn how to use the power of story to share the gospel.

We will learn how to share our own story of salvation along with Biblical stories that are both concise and engaging. Our trainer will be Dr. D. Ray Davis of the International Mission Board. Dr. Davis has served as both a missionary and currently trains thousands of missionaries the same techniques you will learn to become a more effective witness.


Dr. D Ray Davis
Dr. Davis was a missionary for 15 years, serving in Africa with the International Mission Board. He currently teaches all IMB missionaries how to share their story in ways that are effective and concise. Dr. Davis will teach us how to share our stories with others in a natural conversation leading to Gospel conversations.

Dr. Don Barger
Dr. Barger has a Ph.D. in orality and has served with the IMB in South America. He is currently the innovation director for the IMB. Dr Barger will teach us how to choose and develop Bible stories to share the gospel. He will also teach about new technological innovations, such as AI, that are useful tools for sharing the gospel.