LS Summer Bible Studies | 2022 Syllabus

LS Summer Bible Studies exists to build kingdom builders. We desire to teach, mentor, and encourage teenagers through a variety of focused Biblical studies. Our pursuit is for young men and women to encounter the riches of Christ through the Bible, trusted resources, and godly leaders, thus building into them a strong faith and foundation. Our prayer is that young people will leave SBS more confident in their faith, more captivated by Jesus, and more in step with his Spirit so they can build his kingdom wherever he sends them.

SBS will meet on Wednesdays in July and follow a class schedule. We will meet in a variety of rooms and use a variety of formats throughout the day. The daytime classes will break for food and fun as we transition into our Wednesday night program. Lunch and dinner will be included for free for students who stay for the entire day.

Daily Schedule

11:00-12:00pm > Gospel Sexuality (Boys and Girls Separate)
12:00-1:00pm > Lunch
1:00-1:50pm > Church History
2:00-2:50pm > Theology
2:50-3:20pm > Break/Snack
3:20-4:10pm > Apologetics
4:20-5:00pm > Q&A, Discussion, Focused Prayer
5:00-6:30pm > Break/Dinner
6:30-8:00pm > Wednesday Nights Series – “It’s LIFE” – A Study in Proverbs and Practice Life Skills
(NOTE: no Wednesday night on July 6)

To register, email and let Pastor Chris know how many days you will be attending and on which days you will need meals. Students may arrive late or depart early with parents permission.

See the following page for details regarding the resources being used for teaching. Students do not have to purchase any of these items, but they are welcome to if you so choose.


Gospel Sexuality
“Pursuit of Gospel Sexuality” – A four-part lesson series written by Pastor Chris Page, student pastor at Liberty Live at York River.

Church History
“EPIC” – Author and pastor Tim Challies takes us on a journey through church history by highlighting historical objects that relate to significant people and events that moved Christianity forward. The series begins with Caesar and the birth of Jesus and moves all the way to invention of the YOU Version Bible app. The DVD allows the viewer to see the places and objects and get a feel for the realness of the move of Jesus throughout history. We’ll encounter church fathers, reformers, Bible translators, missionaries, and more!

“Providence” – Pastor and author John Piper’s book takes a full biblical survey (taking 700+ pages and citing more than 3000 Bible verses) of God’s providence as he works his purposeful sovereignty over all things to bring about his plan. We’ll look at four specific topics – the Providence of God over Nature, Over Satan and Demons, Over Kings and Nations, and Over Christian Living (how his power helps us form to the image of Jesus and He gets us to eternity with him).

“Ten Questions Every Teenager Should Ask (and Answer) About Christianity” – By Rebecca McLaughlin. “Going to school, hanging out with friends, or scrolling through social media feeds, teenagers are sure to face real challenges to faith in Jesus Christ. This book doesn’t dodge tough questions. Instead, it invites teenagers to ask their hardest questions about Christianity and to find surprising, life-giving answers.” (from publisher website). We’ll look at four specific chapters: True for Me but Not for Me (relative truth), Science vs. Christianity, Love is Love, and God and the Problem of Evil.

Life Skills
This study in Proverbs will cover Money/Stewardship, Friendship, and Hard Work and will include guest speakers and panel discussions.