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New Sermon Series This Sunday

What a joy it’s been to hear our Preaching Team preach our church values! Each message has ministered to Tammy and me, and I know it has you as well.

I’m excited to be back preaching this Sunday as we kick off a new series called Glory Revealed. Glory is a topic that I’ve never done a series on and I’m looking forward to studying with you. God has already been teaching me as I’ve been preparing!

This series will take us all the way through Christmas. The Christmas planning is in full swing and I want to ask you to begin praying for a great harvest as we enter the winter months. Christmas is one of the greatest opportunities we have to invite the unsaved. Even if people aren’t open to church any other time of the year, studies show they are at Christmas! Please pray that God would ordain each detail of this series, that He would stir our hearts to reach our neighbors, and that God’s glory truly would be revealed in our church and our community.

Thank you for all you do for the Lord. We love you and love serving the Lord with you!

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