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We’re In This Together

In just one month (October 14-15), “Miss” Tammy will be hosting a women’s event called We’re in this Together. I’ve seen how much she loves this theme, how God has used it in our lives, and how important this reminder is for all of us.

During this year, which many of you know has been a very difficult one for our family, your prayers, the support of the Liberty family, and the people we do life with on a regular basis have been such a tremendous blessing. It’s been a great reminder that as we go through all the seasons of life, we don’t have to do it alone. We need each other.

Tammy has designed this weekend to connect ladies with each other and ultimately to spur them on in their relationship with God. Ladies, if you have not already signed up, go ahead and do so today. Guys, if your wives have not signed up, offer to keep the kids or to help out with whatever else you have going on so that they can. We believe this event will be such an encouragement to all who attend.

You can register now at

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