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Why Should I Join a Group?

New groups start this week! Pastor Zac did a great job kicking off the sermon series on the book of Ruth on Sunday. One of the things he talked about was the importance of good, godly friends. Here are some things I like to say about friends:

The bible says:

Groups are a great way to get connected to some good, godly, fun friends. We all need friends who will help us become better and help us grow in our faith. Joys are so much sweeter when shared and the hard times are a little more bearable.

At Liberty, we want every person to Know God, Find Community, Serve People, and Leave a Legacy. You find community by gathering together and growing together. You will never find your fit, your people, your group, if you don’t try!

We have groups that meet at our campuses and in homes all around Hampton Roads all throughout the week. Here is a link to our Group Finder to help you find a place to start: Find a Group | Liberty Live Church.

Now that 21 Days of Prayer are over, there is no better way to stay connected to the Liberty family than by joining a group!

Your Pastor loves you!

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