Relationships Matter

What a great day we had on Sunday with Dr. Charles Lowery! It was so good to have him back at Liberty. Relationships matter! We are better together. Relationships are also hard. Men and women communicate very differently. As a Christian Psychologist, Dr. Lowery has a great deal of experience on helping people navigate the tricky aspects of relationships. On Sunday, he taught us some very important tips on communication. If you missed the message, I encourage you to go to and watch. You will enjoy his humor and will come away with some very practical tips!

Not only did we have a special day on Sunday, but we also have a very special Night of Prayer planned tomorrow night at each of our campuses. Thursday is the National Day of Prayer. In light of that, we will meet at each campus, and Liberty at Smithfield will meet at the Luter Family YMCA, on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. to pray and worship together. This will be a great time for the Liberty family to come, worship, and seek the Lord.

This Sunday, we will begin our new series on 1 Corinthians. I’m so excited to be back preaching and to share with you what the Lord has been teaching me this week as I’ve studied. Invite a friend to join you and make plans now for the service you will attend.

See you Sunday!

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