Dr. Grant Ethridge


Dr. Grant Ethridge is the Senior Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Hampton Roads, Virginia. He holds seven academic degrees, including a Doctor of Ministry and a Doctor of Divinity. He served as President of the National SBC Pastors’ Conference, as President of the Arkansas Baptist Convention, as President of the SBC of Virginia, and on many other state and national boards and agencies.

Dr. Ethridge became Senior Pastor at Liberty in 2006. Since that time, the church has baptized over 6,800 people and has been recognized in the Top 100 Fastest Growing / Largest Churches in the U.S. Liberty is a multiethnic, multigenerational, multisite church, with locations in Hampton, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Williamsburg, Smithfield, and Gloucester, Virginia. In 2017, Liberty launched LibertyLive.Online, an interactive, online worship experience.

Dr. Ethridge and his wife, Tammy, have four children and nine grandchildren. They have one son, Christian, who went to be with the Lord June 4, 1992.


Parenting Your Parents:
A Practical Guide for Caregivers

by Dr. Grant Ethridge and Tammy Ethridge

Parenting Your Parents is a great resource for those currently caring for their aging parent. There are few black and white answers, caretakers are pulled in multiple directions, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed and discouraged. Throughout this book readers will find themselves laughing, crying, and believing they can make it with God’s help.