Esther 2 – Where is God?

As we continue through the book of Esther, we see that chapter 2 is a chapter about war and defeat, a girl who is orphaned, and Jews who do not return home when they could and should have. It’s about girls being taken by force into a harem, about a beauty pageant, and about an assassination plot. God’s name is never mentioned in the book of Esther so where is He in all of this? I’m glad you asked!

God is Greater Than Your Circumstances

Chapter 2 begins, “Some time later….” Four years have passed since King Ahasuerus banished Queen Vashti. Now there’s no queen, and he is lonely and depressed. His lost his wife, lost his war, and he is looking for a woman to meet his needs. No boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife can fill the void in your life. Only God can meet your needs! Verses 5-9 give insight into Esther’s situation. Mordecai was Esther’s guardian. Her parents had died and he adopted her. Mordecai was taken into exile, just like these girls were taken for the King. Both were taken by force, beyond their control. God gave Esther favor in the worst of circumstances. So many of life’s circumstances are beyond our control. Esther had no control over the war, her parents dying, the King’s actions, her looks, or her adoption. But, God had a plan!

God is Greater Than Your Compromise

“Esther had not revealed her family background or her ethnicity, as Mordecai had directed” (v. 20). These Jews had a private faith. They are just blending in with the crowd, not keeping the diet or dress of the Old Testament law. In addition, God sent his people back to Jerusalem after 70 years. They could have gone back, and should have gone back, but they didn’t. Many Christians today claim to have a private faith. Maybe no one knows you are a Christian. You don’t want to go public. The Bible is honest in showing God’s people, warts and all. Abraham and David both made big mistakes, but God redeemed them! What is on display in the Bible is the grace of God. God is greater! Grace is greater! God gives grace and favor even when we do not deserve it.

God is Greater Than Your Concerns

There is no doubt that Esther was concerned about the wait. She had been preparing an entire year for one night!And, for those not chosen, they would live a lonely life in a harem of women and could never go back to their family or get married. It was like a pageant and the Bachelor combined! Keep reading in the chapter and you’ll see Esther made it to the final rose ceremony and she got the final rose! Like the story of Cinderella, this poor orphan girl became the Queen! Chuck Swindoll said, “God not only moves in mysterious ways, but He also moves in mundane days.” Esther had no clue what would happen that day, but Divine Providence was at work. God is in control! He is sovereign, orchestrating affairs directly and indirectly. Human Responsibility is key as well.God orders our steps and opens doors, but we have to walk through them.  Mordecai and Esther obeyed God and took their God-given opportunities.

God is Greater Than Your Conflicts

Look at verses 21-23. This is a story of conflicts! There are conflicts without and within. Perhaps the people hated Esther and were for Vashti. We see that Mordecai was not rewarded immediately for his action to protect the King. Good deeds are often overlooked or unappreciated and sometimes even met with anger and hostility. Sometimes people get mad at you or try to hurt you physically or relationally. People conspire, connive, and scheme. But God has His people everywhere. Like Joseph in Egypt and Daniel in Babylon, He has Mordecai and Esther in Persia. We must do what is right knowing God will reward us in His due time. Do what is right and leave the outcome to God.

Even though His name is not mentioned, throughout this chapter and this book we see that our God is greater and that He is a God of redemption!

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