The 2414 Discipleship Program is based on Matthew 24:14 \”And this Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.\”

Proverbs 22:6 tells us to train our children in the right way so they will not depart from it. Our goal is to disciple students while they are in high school in hopes that they will have a strong walk with God in the years to come.

2414 started eight years ago with a few Juniors and Seniors in high school, whose hearts for sharing the gospel went beyond their doors at home. This program is not solely about missions, but it is also about helping young people grow in their faith and be strong believers who can stand during difficult times. During this course, students will dive into apologetic discussions and learn how to talk with people from many different worldviews. Students will learn about various religions and how to engage with people in that very religion, providing practical application for the things they have learned.


Our goal with 2414 is to train students to have a biblical understanding of missions. The Bible is clear that the focus of our international missions work is to be with people groups (Language Groups) who have little to no access to the gospel. We train the students to understand different cultures, apologetics and how to witness in cultures who may not recognize the bible as an authoritative book, and how to use stories like Jesus did to share the gospel.

After the training, we take the students to Africa to work among an unreached people group. They become the leaders as they prepare and plan to spend a week in Africa.


The criteria to join 2414 is:

  • Student needs to be a baptized (by immersion) follower of Jesus Christ.
  • Each applicant will need to be a member or regular attender of Liberty Live Church.
  • Each Student will be active in Liberty Students at one of our campuses. Active means attending a group or Wednesday night worship at least 2-3 weeks of the month.
  • Each student will need to have their parent or guardian’s approval.
  • Each applicant will need to have the approval of their campus Student Pastor.
  • Each student will currently be in either the 11th or 12th grade.
  • Each student will need to raise a portion of the money necessary for their summer trip to Africa. We will teach students how to fundraise; we have never had a student unable to go because of funding. Liberty will provide 60% of the funds and the student is responsible for the other 40%.

If you have questions, please contact our Global Missions Pastor, Ken McLemore at kmclemore@libertylive.church


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