Fall Updates

What a great day we had on Sunday! I’m certainly enjoying the Beatitudes series and I pray you are as well. As your Pastor, I desire nothing more than that you would walk with Jesus and know the full, blessed life that He gives. We will post the blog on what it means to mourn and be comforted soon, but for now I wanted to remind you of a few things coming in the next several weeks.

October 21 – This Wednesday, we have the privilege of hosting Nik Ripken for a special Missions Emphasis Night. Maybe you’ve seen the Insanity of God movie or read the book? Nik is the author. He and his wife are passionate about taking the gospel to the ends of the earth and they have worked first-hand with the persecuted church around the world. You will certainly be blessed by hearing their story!

 October 31 – Halloween is coming and it is one of the best times of the year to get to know your neighbors. After all, they come to you! There is one Sunday left to pick up Liberty invite cards to hand out. Tammy and I love sitting outside for Halloween, giving GOOD candy to our neighborhood kids, and inviting them to church.

 November 1 – On Sunday, November 1, we are having what we call “Invite Sunday.” We want you to invite, invite, invite those around you to come with you to church! It will be a great day and we are praying for a great reunion of many who have yet to come, or come back, to a Liberty campus. Hebrews 10 tells us that we should not neglect meeting together but instead we should encourage each other all the more as the end approaches. Free t-shirts will be given out and you do not want to miss out!

Tammy and I never ask you to do things that we are not willing to do ourselves. We are excited about Wednesday night, about inviting on Halloween, and about inviting for November 1. We are just beginning the fourth quarter of 2020. Many games are won or lost in the fourth quarter! It’s not how you start; it’s how you finish!  Let’s pray for a strong finish in 2020!  Jesus is Lord!

It is a joy to be your Pastor!

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