Welcome! Here at Liberty, we want everyone to Know God, Find Community, Serve People, and Leave a Legacy. We’re all about helping you take your next step of faith with Jesus, wherever you are on your journey!

We believe there are two things that will help you take your next step to know God:

1. Spend time
in the Word
2. Spend time
in prayer

We pray that these resources will be a blessing to you as you continue your life track journey with the Lord.



We cannot have a relationship with God unless we experience God’s forgiveness. God’s forgiveness is in Jesus only.

– Romans 3:23
– Ephesians 1:17


God’s forgiveness is available to all of us!

– John 3:16
– Matthew 7:21


According to the Bible, it is impossible for us to get to Heaven on our own, or by our good deeds.

– Ephesians 2:8-9


In the Bible, the word “turn” is the word “repent.” To repent means to change direction or to go a new way. We must make a turn away from our sin and self. 

– Luke 13:3
– John 14:6
– Romans 10:9-10


Heaven is a place where we will live with God forever in the hereafter. You can have heaven beginning here. Eternal life begins now with Jesus. 

– John 14:3
– John 10:10


Baptism is an outward expression of an inward change. It is a picture of the commitment you made in your heart to follow Jesus.


It’s all about identifying with Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection.
1 Corinthians 15:3-4
Colossians 2:12
2 Corinthians 5:17
Romans 6:4


Jesus was baptized “in the Jordan” river and “came up out of the water.”
Mark 1:9-10
John 3:23


In the book of Acts, when people responded to the Gospel, they would immediately follow in believer’s baptism.
Acts 2:41
Acts 8:36
Acts 16:33

Who should be baptized?
Every person who is a follower of Jesus.

What about children or infants?
At Liberty, we wait until children are old enough to understand and believe the true meaning of what it means to be a follower of God and be baptized.


Baptism is a significant teaching in the Bible.  Jesus Himself was baptized, and then He taught His followers to teach others and baptize them. Your baptism is an opportunity for you to celebrate your faith and let others know that you are trusting Jesus for your salvation. While baptism does not save you, you will know that you have done what Jesus told His followers to do.


Life Track is designed to help you discover your purpose and to live the life that God created for you!

  • Know God
  • Find community
  • Serve people
  • Leave a legacy

These are all things that God wants for us, and a huge part of this class is diving deeper into what these mean for you personally in your walk of faith. You will also have the chance to learn more about Liberty, and why we say, “it’s not just church, it’s life!” Life Track starts after the second worship service, and lunch and childcare (up to 5th grade) will be provided.