Willing Workers

There is no greater cause to give your life for than the cause of Christ! There is no cause more urgent than the cause of Christ. In Nehemiah 11, we read of people who were willing to work for Christ, no matter the cost. They knew what was at stake!

Willing workers focus on the place of God. “Jerusalem” is mentioned almost 40 times in the book of Nehemiah. Jerusalem is the city of David, the city of God. God chose to put His name there. The House of God was there. The problem with the city is found in Nehemiah 7:4- “Now the city was large and spacious, but the people in it were few, and the houses were not rebuilt.” By Nehemiah 11, we read that for every ten people, one was committing to go live in Jerusalem.

The world is undergoing the largest wave of urban growth in history. More than half of the world’s population now lives in towns and cities. By 2030 this number will swell to almost 5 billion. How can we best reach and minister to people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ? When you read the book of Acts, and study the missionary journeys of Paul, you discover that cities are strategic for God’s plan for the world. They are places of density and diversity.

Liberty is surrounded by cities! God has called us to penetrate lostness and reach the cities of Hampton Roads with the Gospel!

Willing workers also serve the people of God. The people in the book of Nehemiah are people just like you and me. They had a heart for their city and community.

There are 822 serving in the Temple. Some served outside the Temple. There were those who prayed and those who sang. We are the body of Christ. We were saved to serve. God did not save you to sit. He saved you to serve. Some have the attitude, “large churches don’t need me.” The larger the church, the more workers are needed. Give yourself to the Lord Jesus and His mission. Pray for the people not yet here. Pray about what God would have you to do.

Nehemiah 11:2 says they “willingly offered themselves to dwell at Jerusalem.” It is tough to pull up stakes, uproot families, and start over again. Every time a staff member is called to Liberty, that is what they do. Every time a person is called to missions, that is exactly what they are called to do.

What motivated them? God moved their heart. Instead of kicking and screaming every step of the way, they took the lot as the will of God for their lives, and submitted themselves to it. Willing workers do whatever it takes to advance the Gospel. Their priorities are God’s priorities. Local loyalties are good, but the work of God is larger. Your loyalty to Christ supersedes your allegiance to anyone or anything else. The priority of the church comes before school, work, sports, etc. Patriotism can never hinder the work of the Lord to the nations. I am a Christian first and an American second. We must sacrifice and serve to see others saved.

Willingly offer yourself to Him today. The best this world has to offer does not compare to the least of things in Heaven! Winston Churchill stated, “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” There are almost 6.9 billion people in the world. It is estimated that 758 million are believers, 2.6 billion are non-believers, and 3.4 billion have never heard the name of Jesus. Be a willing worker for Jesus!

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