Doing a Great Work

We have been going through the book of Nehemiah in these posts. Just like the walls of Jerusalem were broken down, we live in a broken world. We are surrounded by broken lives, marriages, families, relationships, countries, systems, and governments. Our only hope is Jesus! No matter what work we put our minds to, we can be assured of two things: the unending harassment of the enemy and the unfailing help of the Lord.

Up to this point in the book of Nehemiah, the enemy has used disagreements, disrespect, discouragement, disappointment, division, and distraction. In Nehemiah 6, he continues attacking. You and I are not exempt from his schemes!

Don’t dialog with the devil or the enemy. In the beginning of this chapter, Nehemiah’s enemies wanted to meet with him, but he knew they intended to do him harm (v. 2). They wanted to hurt, hinder, and harm the work of God. He would not meet with them. He did not give the enemy an open door.

Because Nehemiah would not stop the work to meet, his enemies attacked him personally. They said things that were not true. They questioned his motive. Nehemiah became the target of careless and wicked tongues. The Bible says the tongue is set on fire of hell. They accused him of building his own kingdom. Any Godly leader will be criticized and slandered. Nehemiah worked for the king, but he was sent and supported by the King.

When you are attacked, do what Nehemiah did. He did not go off in the corner and worry himself sick! He did not call or email every friend he had and waste their time or his. He prayed! Sometimes you need a holy HUSH! Pray verse 9- “…therefore, O God, strengthen my hands.” Lord you hear what they are saying. You know it is not true. You know that you sent me. You know they are trying to stop the work. Lord, strengthen the work.

No matter what you face, the Lord will be with you. He never fails! Go to Him in prayer, rely on Him, and He will come through!

In verses 11-13, Nehemiah was tempted to sin by going to the holy of holies. Only the priest and the Levites could go there. He knew he was not a Levite and to do so would be to disobey the word of God. James Dobson said, “If a man falls you can always trace it back to his devotional life.” How did Nehemiah know that their suggestion would be a sin? He had read his Bible. There is no situation in life to which the Word has not already spoken!

The most important statement is in verse 15 – “So the wall was finished on the twenty-fifth day of Elul, in fifty-two days.” The wall was finished. That was no small work! The devil knows that his days are numbered. His time is coming to an end. He has launched an all-out attack on the church. Satan wants us out of business. Think of how many lives have been changed. Think of the influence this church has had over the past 116 years. God has raised Liberty up to be a lighthouse on the east coast. Stay focused and determined to finish building the work.

Nehemiah had decided to do the work and will of God. Even enemies could see that this was the work of God. That is what we want people to say about Liberty! We are part of a great work. The devil will try to get us down and distracted, but the Lord is our Helper!

The enemy will attack. Decide today to turn it all over to God. Decide today to trust Him. Decide today to do right. Whether I live or die, succeed or fail, I am going to obey God and live for Him. What about you?

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