What Does It Mean To Be Baptized?

I love seeing people be baptized! What an awesome day we had on Sunday watching so many people make public their faith in Jesus! It’s such a privilege to have a front row seat to God’s work here in Hampton Roads.

Baptism is the wedding ring of the Christian life. You can be married and not wear your ring, but your ring lets everyone know you are married. That is the same way with baptism. You can be a Christian without being baptized (baptism is not what saves you), but baptism lets other people know you are a Christian. It’s our first step in obedience to Christ.

Maybe you were there on Sunday and were hesitant to make that decision. Maybe you weren’t there but it’s something you’ve been thinking about. It’s not too late. If you’ve never publicly professed your faith in Jesus through baptism, you can visit us online and we’ll get it scheduled. You will never regret following God’s call!

This coming Sunday we will pick back up in our End Times series. I’m excited to look at what John says about the Second Coming. John wrote the gospel of John but he’s also the same man who authored Revelation. He says so much! I’m confident God is going to teach us all as we look at his words.

Please pray for me as I prepare and also for the hearts of the people who will hear the message.

It is a joy to be your Pastor!

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