What is Fasting?

“Why should we fast?” “What is fasting?” “Does the bible say we should fast?” These are all questions I get as your Pastor, especially during 21 Days of Prayer. On Sunday, I mentioned that we would post some information to help you better understand fasting. At the end of this post, there is a document that will give you some biblical insights into what fasting is, the reasons we fast, and some practical tips.

This document was written in 2004. While there are all kinds of great resources out there, I chose this particular one for several reasons:

  • First, it has good information and good resources. I truly think it will helpful for you. One of my favorite books on prayer and fasting is The Power of Prayer and Fasting by Dr. Ronnie Floyd. It’s listed with the resources on page 4.
  • Second, Liberty has been a praying church! So many of us are here today because of those who have prayed and fasted before us. I want this to serve as a reminder for you to praise God for the legacy of our church and for those who prayed for us before we were even here. Be reminded that we are here now, and praying and fasting now, for those who are not yet here. We are part of something so much bigger than ourselves!
  • God answers the prayers of His people. This fast took place in 2004, with one of the specific requests being for a Senior Pastor. God brought Tammy and I to Liberty as a result of those prayers. Another request was for a mighty revival to take place at Liberty. In 2023, we saw the largest number of people baptized in church history and we had the largest in-person Christmas attendance ever! I can’t help but think some of those prayers from 2004 are still being answered today. Let this encourage you that even if you do not see an immediate answer, God is still working! He honors the prayers of His people.

In Matthew 6:16, Jesus said, “When you fast….” He did not say, “If you fast….” Tammy and I have seen God work in unbelievable ways through our own personal fasting and we want the same for you. I pray this document will be helpful.

May God bless you!

Prayer & Fasting


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