Liberty family, thank you so much for being the hands and feet of Jesus, and loving on your neighbors and surrounding communities for 757 Strong. When we look at all the gift baskets given, hot meals served, school beautification projects, and countless other areas of service, you touched over 17,000 lives! Even though the “official” week for 757 Strong is over, the work that we do for Jesus and in getting the gospel out, doesn’t have to be! We encourage you to continue to visit this page for new and exciting ways to serve people, and hope that you’ll post your own ideas too!

Create Your Own Project


Volunteer at Your Local Schools

  • Schools are always in need of volunteers who care for their students
    • Attend a game to cheer on the school
    • Provide Gatorade for student athletes
    • Read to students at an elementary school
    • Ask about school-run tutoring or mentoring opportunities
    • Contact the school Community Engagement Specialist or a counselor and ask for some tangible needs you can help meet for students or families

Prayer Walking Your Neighborhood

  • You can be more intentional about reaching your neighbors
    • With phone applications such as Bless Every Home,  Prayer Atlas, you can download a map that helps you pray for your neighborhood.
    •  You can also print a map to physically mark off areas you’ve prayer walked through.
    • Drop by your neighbors’ homes, start a conversation with them, and ask how you can be praying for them.
    • After getting to know them, you can write a letter to put in their mailbox or at their front door.

Host a Group Event

  • You can be more intentional about reaching your neighbors by inviting them to a group event
    • Host a fun game night with food for the sole purpose of inviting your neighbors
    • After all the fun, be sure to invite them back for another group Bible study!

Volunteer at a Free Health Clinic

  • Find a free medical clinic and see if there is some way you can help
    • If you have the proper credentials along with the right training and experience in the medical field, you can offer your services on a volunteer basis
    • For those without credentials, you can offer prayer for patients, bring coffee and treats for staff or help with miscellaneous administrative tasks!


  • Hampton Roads is known for its festivals. You and your group can connect with different festivals happening nearby:
    • You can simply offer to help with set up and teardown or managing different booths.
    • Reserve a booth area to represent Liberty: provide a water station, face painting, shade and seating for (attendees) or have a prayer booth.

Make Essentials Kits to Give to the Homeless

  • Helping to provide some portable “must haves” can go a long way.
    • You can use anything from a draw string bag to a large Ziplock bag to place some essentials such as hygiene products, protein bars, pocket devotional, a poncho, Liberty Card and more!
    • Once done packing, distribute to the homeless or keep a few in your car for when you see someone asking for funds

Contact with your Local Government or Community Service Boards

  • Many local governments have organizations and programs for youth
    • There are many places like the Boys & Girls Club and other afterschool programs that are always in need of volunteers.
    • You can help with a bake sale or help out with some spring cleaning.
  • Contact social services

Little League and Sports Clubs

  • Offer to pray for the team
  • Throw a pizza party for a team
  • Bring refreshments like Gatorade for a team
  • Write encouraging notes to put in players lockers or bags
  • Come cheer on players that don’t usually have family support at the games

Local Rescue Missions, Crisis & Homeless Shelters

  • You can contact other local organizations that are not listed above and help bring hope to people dealing with crisis pregnancy, homelessness, abuse, trauma, sex trafficking, or just trying to start a new life.

Help Local Businesses & Non-Profits

  • You can help support local businesses by offering to volunteer in any way they can use you
    • Bring them some coffee and treats
    • Help make business cards,
    • Establish a social media presence, build great online reviews, and build their website
    • Host a Coffee House or Open Mic Night
    • Help bring in some business or clients
    • Offer to pray for them

Adopt a Community

  • There are many communities in our area that are hurting. Families that are in need of the Gospel. Here are ways you can Adopt a Community in Hampton Roads.
    • 1- Pray over the community during your quiet time, as you walk or drive by, and when you meet with your Group.
    • 2- Engage by meeting the people of the community, host an event or help meet a need.
    • 3- Go make disciples by planting a Group and continuing to do life with members of that community.

Serve the International Community

  • There’s a steady increase of immigrants and refugees pouring into our communities. We can reach the nations right in our own back yard!
    • Invite them to Group!
    • Help tutor their children
    • You can help teach English as a Second Language
    • Take them around town to show them important locations
    • Have coffee or tea with them and let them ask you questions about the United Sates and our culture. Then ask about theirs.
    • Ask them to help you prepare a special dish from their country to build relationships
    • Go to your college campus and ask how you can serve international students.

Pay for Laundry

  • Go into a local laundromat with a roll of quarters and pay for someone’s laundry. Many people choose to sit and watch their clothes. This is a great opportunity to strike up a conversation

Trash duty in your neighborhood

  • Volunteer to roll your neighbors trash bin out

Check with your Campus Pastor

  • There are always different organizations and individuals who reach out to the church to help them meet specific needs.
    • Contact your campus pastor to see if he has a special project that they know might best fit you.