Good Friday 2019

Good Friday is a day to reflect on the suffering Jesus endured for our sins. It’s a day to reflect on the cross. Satan tried to kill Jesus in Bethlehem when he was two years old through the orders Herod issued. He tried to kill him at the start of his public ministry in Nazareth by throwing him over a cliff. He tried to circumvent the cross on the Mount of Temptation. In the Garden, it was Satan’s last attempt to keep Jesus from going to the cross. Why did Satan try so hard to avoid the cross? In the cross we see:

The Power of God

“For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but it is the power of God to us who are being saved” (1 Cor. 1:18). Jesus’ entire ministry can be summed up in the word power. Scripture testifies to the power of his birth (Lk. 1:35), the power of His life (Romans 1:4), the power of His miracles (Lk. 6:19), the power of His death (Rev. 5:12), the power of His resurrection (1 Cor. 6:14), the power of the gospel (Rom. 1:16), the power of His church (Acts 1:8), and the power of His return (Matt. 24:30). “There is power, power, wonder working power in the precious blood of the lamb!” It reaches to the highest mountain. It flows to the lowest valley. The blood that gives me strength from day to day will never lose its power!

The Wisdom of God

In 1 Corinthians 1:19-23 we also see that the cross is the wisdom of God. Eight times wisdom is mentioned. Paul asked three types of experts in his day a question. The intellectual, the author/teacher, and the philosopher/debater.  Has man’s wisdom helped you know God in a personal way? Have you found the answer to the world’s problems? No. The answer is the cross. “It is from him that you are in Christ Jesus, who became wisdom from Godfor us—our righteousness, sanctification, and redemption” (1 Cor. 1:30).On the cross, God laid our sin on Jesus and gave us His righteousness. In our flesh dwells no good thing but through sanctification and the indwelling of Christ, we are being made like Him day by day. Redemption means to be released or delivered. I have been saved from the penalty of sin. I am being saved from the power of sin. I will be saved from the very presence of sin. Human wisdom manifests itself in two ways. The religious person tries to work their way to God. The intellectual tries to reason his way to God. Neither are sufficient. Only the wisdom of God could plan and provide salvation through the cross.

The Invitation of God

“God was pleased to save those who believethrough the foolishness of what is preached… Yet to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God” (1 Cor. 1:21, 24).Two elements necessary for salvation are found in the cross. Two words describe the process of salvation. God calls. Man believes. Jesus willingly went on the cross to save us, to heal us, and to cleanse us and wash away our sins.

No one can hear the message of the cross and remain neutral. God’s invitation is open. Everyone either accepts Him or rejects Him.If you want Jesus to save you, heal you, and wash away your sins, call on Him today.

The Tenth Commandment

The last commandment is Exodus 20:17, “Do not covet your neighbor’s house. Do not covet your neighbor’s wife, his male or female servant, his oxor donkey, or anythingthat belongs to your neighbor.” Have you ever seen an ad and thought, “I wish I had a house, spouse, car, truck, computer, like that?” When does a simple desire become a sinful desire? This commandment teaches the answer.

The Definition of Covetousness

Coveting is “an excessive desire for something you do not have or an envious desire for that which someone else has.” It is not wrong to have desires. We all have God-given desires and God-given dreams. There are healthy, holy desires and unhealthy, unholy desires. There is nothing wrong with desiring a house, spouse, SUV, etc., just not your neighbor’s! We are to love God and love our neighbor. If you love God, you will be content with what He has provided you until He sees fit to provide you a bigger or better one. If you love your neighbor, you will not covet, steal, lie, commit adultery, or kill to get what they have. Covetousness caused Adam and Eve to sin in the first place. They coveted the one fruit, one tree they did not have. The way the Lucifer became the devil was that he wanted to be God. Covetousness is the mother of all sins. Of the commandments, nine are outward/visible, but the tenth is inward/invisible. The government cannot make a law against covetousness. We have to judge ourselves. Jesus said in Mark 7:21, “For from within, out of the heartof men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within and defile a man.”

The Development of Covetousness

If you watch children playing, a child can have a variety of toys all around them, but they will want the one toy another child has. To be covetous, we have to do absolutely nothing. The seed of sin is already in us. In addition to the fall of Satan and the story of Adam and Eve, there are many other examples in Scripture of covetousness – Achan in Joshua 7, David and Bathsheba, David’s son Amnon lusting after Tamar to the point it made him sick, etc. Have you ever wanted something so badly that you were sick?Coveting will make you sick, cause you to make bad choices and in the end, it will leave you dissatisfied. What you thought you could not do without, live without, will not make you happy. Keeping up with the Joneses will destroy you. Comparison kills contentment. A major cause for unhappiness is covetousness. You want the position, job, title, salary, house, car, mate, family that someone else has.Jesus said in Luke 12:15, “Take heed and beware of covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses.” People are more important than possessions. Materialism is not how many cars or houses you have but when the stuff is more important than the spiritual. It’s when your identity is defined by what you have. If you lose your stuff do you lose you?

The Deliverance from Covetousness

The answer to covetousness is contentment. Wealth can buy a bed but not sleep, books but not brains, a house but not a home. 1 Timothy 6:6-7, 10 says, “But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, andwe can take nothing out…  For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, and by craving it, some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” The answer to covetousness is also generosity. “Instruct those who are rich in the present age not to be arrogant or to set their hope on the uncertainty of wealth, but on God, who richly provides us with all things to enjoy.  Instruct them to do what is good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and willing to share, storing up treasure for themselves as a good foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of what is truly life” (1 Tim. 6:17-19). Being content does not mean you can’t ever have anything.  It means you start thanking God for what you do have instead of complaining about what you don’t have. The answer to covetousness is thankfulness and trust. Paul says he learned to be content (Phil. 4:11). When you covet something, you make a god, an idol, out of it (Col. 3:5).

The ten commandments show us the righteous requirements of God. There is no way that we can keep them or meet God’s requirements on our own. That is why Jesus came.  He spent 33 years fulfilling the ten commandments. He satisfied the holiness of God. He met the standard. Grace and truth came through Jesus. Grace did for us what the law could not do.

The Eighth Commandment

Exodus 20:15, the eighth commandment, says, “Do not steal.” Do you lock your doors? Lock your car?  Have a security system? What about use usernames, passwords, and pin numbers? All of these are to protect from theft. The eighth commandment teaches:

Property Rights

The sixth commandment protects life. The seventh protects marriage. The eighth protects people’s property. The Bible is clear about ownership. God owns it all. The earth is the Lord’s. We brought nothing in this world and it is certain we will carry nothing out. We are trustees. A trustee is legally and morally bound to manage property for a third party or for someone else. We are like an executor. An executor does not write the will but carries out the wishes of the owner. The Bible does not teach communism or socialism where all property or production is publicly owned or controlled by the Government. In the Bible people could own houses, land, livestock, personal and private property. God gave humans dominion over the earth and we are all stewards of what He has given us. Have you ever had something stolen from you? How did it make you feel?

Personal Responsibilities

A student is not to cheat in school. We are not to steal someone’s good name by gossiping or slandering. We are not to plagiarize or steal someone else’s identity. In James 5:4, James says that employers should pay their employees. Likewise, employees should not steal from their employers. Ephesians 4:28 says, “Let the thiefno longer steal. Instead, he is to do honest workwith his own hands, so that he has something to share with anyone in need.” You can work for something, someone can give you something, but you can’t steal. Work is a gift. Work is a calling. Work has purpose. We must do honest work, earn our money, and have enough left to be generous. It is better to give than to receive. “God is not going to flow to you if He can’t flow through you.” Some people rob other people, but more people rob from themselves and they rob from God. Look at Malachi 3:8-11. The tithe is the Lord’s. We should work for the Lord, work for ourselves, and work for others.

Proper Restitution

In Exodus 22:1-4 we read that when a person steals, he must repay. God must be first. We see it throughout Scripture with firstfruits and the firstborn. Remember what happened with Cain and Abel? Abel brought the firstborn of his flock. Cain brought somefruits. “…The Lord looked with favor on Abel and his offering, but on Cain and his offering he did not look with favor” (Gen. 4:4-5). It is not that God won’t, it is that He can’t. God can’t lie, God can’t change, and God cannot be second. We are told to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, and mind (Matt. 22:37). “This is the first and greatest commandment” (Matt. 22:38). Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness….” God should be first in our lives.

The ten commandments point us to Jesus. Jesus taught us to pray, “Father, forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” Sin is a debt. The wages of sin is death. We all deserve hell. Hell is like a debtor’s prison and place of torment. But Jesus paid the debt of sin we owed in full on the cross! He was crucified between two thieves. One repented and He told him, “Today you will be with me in paradise” (Luke 23:43). We are all thieves. We are all sinners. We are all debtors. The question is, has the righteousness of Jesus been applied to your account?

The Seventh Commandment

A recent study showed that 41% of American adults have cohabitated at some point with someone who is not their spouse. That is an increase of almost 72% in 10 years. “Do not commit adultery” (Ex. 20:14), is a commandment very relevant for today. The purpose of this command is not to forbid something negative, but to protect something positive. There are those who want sex without marriage, and married couples not having sex because their marriage is a mess. God wants the absolute best for us!

The Covenant of Sexuality

“Thou shalt not commit adultery” is the negative. The positive is, “Thou shalt have a great marriage!”  Marriage is a covenant not a contract. A contract says, “If you will I will,” but a covenant is a sacrificial commitment saying, “I am committed for better or for worse.” The institution of marriage is God’s plan, not man’s (Gen. 2:18-25). Any biblical understanding of gender and sex starts with Genesis. Man was not aloneThere were plenty of animals, but there was no one correspondingto him. Adam and Eve were made to compliment and balance each other. No wonder I call Tammy “my better half!” God’s design from the beginning was male and female. He told them to be fruitful and multiply. Jesus affirms the definition of marriage in Matthew 19 as a covenant of sexuality between a man and a woman (v. 4-6). The biblical term “cleave” (also translated bond, join, unite, etc.) literally means to glue, bondtogether, bind, a promise, an oath. The marriage covenant is made before God. Adultery defiles that covenant. The goal in marriage according to the world is self-fulfillment.  According to Scripture, the goal is to glorify God. It is a picture of the gospel and the relationship between Jesus and His church. Jesus never leaves us or forsakes us. Marriage is about showing forgiveness, mercy, and grace. God is faithful even when we are unfaithful. He enables us to be faithful even when we feel like giving up. Sexuality is a fire and marriage is the fireplace where it burns!

The Conflict of Immorality

You don’t have to go looking for immorality, it will come looking for you! Singles are tempted with fornication and married people are tempted with adultery. For every Samson there is a Delilah. For every David there is a Bathsheba. The devil attacked Adam and Eve after they married. After the wedding came the war! Satan has chosen sex, and the perversion of it, to attack God. What kind of sex is off limits? Any sex outside of God’s original design, which is sex between a man and a woman united in a marriage covenant. There is a general assumption in our culture that rules are bad. We think real freedom is essential to happiness, and true happiness comes from throwing off any constraints. Real freedom is found not in living by desire, but by design!  Every game has rules. Without them the game is not special. Satan deceives us into believing lies – “Follow your heart”, “But we really love each other,” “But we are engaged,” etc. Scripture says, “Flee sexual immorality! Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the person who is sexually immoral sins against his own body” (1 Cor. 6:18). When you do things your way, instead of God’s, you are only bringing guilt, shame, and pain on your own soul.

The Choice of Purity

If we believe God is pro-life, we also believe God is pro-sex! So how did sex become taboo? Repulsive? Dirty? Satan perverts everything. Satan does everything he can to get couples to have sex before marriage, and everything he can to keep couples from having sex after marriage! We must not let the devil or secular culture hijack what God said is good. The Bible is the final authority on marriage, not Hollywood! We must reclaim the gift of sex God gave in marriage. Biblical sex is NOT between a man and a man, a woman and a woman, nor is it between a man and a woman. It is for a husband and wife.  The 7th commandment teaches sex outside of marriage is sin. Jesus said adultery is deeper than a physical act. He said that “everyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matt. 5:28). Jesus focused on the attitude that leads to the act. In order to avoid the act, you have to address the heart. You can’t play around with temptation. Sin has to be put it to death. Go to war against sin!

Maybe you wish you had heard about God’s plan for marriage earlier. Maybe you’ve messed up. I have good news! The Bible is full of people who committed sexual sin. There is forgiveness in Jesus! He will take away all your guilt and shame. In John 8 we read about a woman caught in adultery. Jesus said to her, “Neither do I condemn you… Go, and from now on do not sin anymore” (v. 11).

The Sixth Commandment

It’s hard to believe we are already on the sixth commandment! Exodus 20:13 says, “Do not murder.” This is one of the shortest, strongest, and most debated of all the commandments.

The Misunderstanding About this Commandment

Before we talk about what this commandment means, let’s talk about what it does not mean. There are eight words in Hebrew for killing someone. The word here is specific, meaning the unauthorized death of a human or the death of a human for selfish reasons. No Israelite could on their own decide who lives and dies. God is the author of all life and only God decides who lives and dies (Deut. 32:39). This commandment is not talking about killing animals for food (Gen. 9:3), self-defense (Ex. 22:12), capital punishment or accidental death (Ex. 21:12-14). It is not talking about war. The Bible teaches there is a just war when it is to stop aggression, to protect life, and to ensure justice (as a last resort and declared only by government). The view that killing animals, eating meat, capital punishment, all war, and national defense is wrong, is a misunderstanding, misuse, and misapplication of the sixth commandmentIt is not talking about the murderer on death row, or a soldier in battle, or police officers returning fire, defending themselves when someone is trying to kill them or innocent people.

The Meaning of this Commandment

Life is a gift. Only God who gives life has the right to take life. Genesis 9:6 says, “Whoever sheds human blood, by humans his blood will be shed, for God made humans in his image.” Murder is an attack on God Himself. We are made in His image! The issue here is premeditated murder or an act of aggression that results in death. Homicide (a human taking the life of another human), suicide (the murder of self), genocide (the mass murdering of an entire race of people), and infanticide (the murder of an infant) are all murder. Abortion is murder. A fetus is not human tissue, it is a human life! Exodus 21:22-24 shows us that unborn babies have legal rights, human rights, in the sight of God. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but Jesus came to give us life (Jn. 10:10). The devil is a liar (Jn. 8:44). No matter what arguments we may hear in this world, God is for life!

The Message from this Commandment

“For this is the messageyou have heard from the beginning: We should loveone another… Little children, let us not love in word or speech, but in actionand in truth” (1 Jn. 3:11,18). God is going to accomplish His purposes, but He wants to do it through us! Are we doing what we can do to protect and provide for others? Faith without works is dead. Some practical ways we can apply this commandment are to find ministries to partner with in our community that support life and offer hope, support social causes that value life and seek justice, give of our time and resources to bring people out of spiritual death and physical bondage to freedom and life in Christ, and stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves. If you missed the sermon on Sunday, Liberty will be doing a Diaper Drive and is starting an Adoption and Foster Family Fund. Find a way that you can put your faith into action.

The Master on this Commandment

In Matthew 5:21-22 Jesus deepened the commandment by saying that anger is a type of murder. Remember, the command has to do with premeditated murder, which begins with anger. When you use your mouth to destroy another person you have committed murder (Ja. 3:6-9). You murder their character, reputation, and possibly their future. There are so many angry people in the world. Maybe you are angry. The pain is legitimate, and you may have a right to be angry. But, the anger is killing you! Whether you have murdered in your heart, or your heart has been murdered by someone else, Jesus brings healing. God says that vengeance is His and He will repay (Rm. 12:19). He was murdered on the cross and He prayed, “Father, forgive them” (Lk. 23:34). It was my sin and your sin that caused Jesus to go to the cross and willingly be murdered. He was willing to die so that we might live and there is coming a day when He will wipe away every tear! Ask Him to help you forgive those who have wronged you, ask Him for forgiveness for where you have wronged others, and ask Him how you might be able to put your faith into action when it comes to protecting life.

The Fifth Commandment

The first four commandments teach us how to love God. The next six teach us how to love others. Exodus 20:12 says, “Honor your father and your mother so that you may have a long life in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.” The first “others” in our lives are our parents. God’s plan for family is defined here – father and mother. This command is universal. Everyone is someone’s child.

The Respect

Honor literally means to add weight or significance to something. When you are young, you obey them and listen to them. They have experience and have already been down that road. As an adult you don’t have to obey them, but we are to honor them for life. We should not get so busy that we forget our parents. Jesus set this example. He was dying on the cross and made sure that his mother would be cared for by John. What if your parents are not honorable? There are no perfect parents. We are all human! Set healthy boundaries and humanize them. They are not God or the devil. Forgive them because you will need your children to forgive you. Only perfect kids can demand perfect parents. Jesus had flawed parents, yet, He submitted to them. He has been there. He knows what it is to have sinful parents and to not be understood by them. He knows what it is to have sinful siblings. He knows what it is to have a dad die and care for his mother. He knows what it is like to be single, and to be married to an unfaithful bride. Think about all the sacrifices your parents made for you. It’s a matter of gratitude. Thank them for all they do for you. This commandment comes before do not steal, lie, covet, adultery, or murder. Why? We must learn to respect and honor. The attitude comes before the action.

The Reason

Our parents represent God. God has placed parents in authority over children to teach them. God is a God of order. Your parents who gave you life, provide for and protect you. Rebel against them and you are rebelling against God. You need God on your side. Honor the position. Like the office of president or a judge in court, we honor the office even if we can’t the person. If children do not grow up to respect their parents, they will not respect their teacher, coach, employer, or anyone in authority. It is a serious sin! God takes this sin seriously. In the Old Testament, a rebellious child was to be put to death (Deut. 21:18-21). Disobeying was not just a sin against parents, but against society. It affected the whole community. The family unit is the foundation of society. Thank God we are living in the New Testament times! But, even in the New Testament, this command has a promise about life and death.

The Reward

Do you want to live a long and better life? God is so committed to this that He gave us a reward, incentive, motivation. Notice the second part of this command. “…so that you may have a long life in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.” In Ephesians 6:1-3 we read, “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, because this is right. Honor your father and mother, which is the first commandment with a promise, so that it maygo well with you and that you may have along life in the land.” It is the one commandment with promise. The reward means that you will not die before your time. You will live out your appointed days. Many died early because they ran with the wrong crowd. Young people who obey their parents tend to live longer. If they will not listen and are rebellious, they cut their lives short and bring a lot of trouble on themselves. Honoring your parents means you understand that there is a cycle to life and God has placed both parents and children in that cycle with responsibilities to one another. It is our role to raise our kids and our role to care for our parents, not the government.

Parents, make it easy for your children to honor you. Children, no matter how old we are, or how old our parents are, we are commanded to honor them. This doesn’t always mean obey, but it does mean we must show respect. This commandment has promise!

The Fourth Commandment

Exodus 20:8 “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.” Sabbath comes from the Hebrew word meaning rest. We ask people, “what is your name and what do you do?” So much of our identity is wrapped up in what we do but work should not be an idol. When 7 days all look alike you are breaking the Sabbath. The fourth commandment teaches us:

How to be Responsible

Exodus 20:9 “You are to labor six days and do all your work…” The fourth commandment teaches us responsibility and a work ethic. The law of sowing and reaping. Choices have consequences.Children need to be taught responsibility. Don’t give them everything. Let them earn it. Thomas Edison said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Most employees show up on time, work hard, are team players, and have a good work ethic. There are always a few who do not. Proverbs 14:23 “In all labor there is profit, but idle chatter leads only to poverty.” Have you ever met that person who is all talk and no action? Christians should be the best employees with a strong work ethic, dependable, positive attitude, and self-motivated.  Ben Franklin said, “I never knew a man who was good at making excuses who was good at anything else.” God worked six days and rested one.  Some need to focus on the word “work”!  Jesus was a carpenter.  The disciples were commercial fishermen.  Paul was a tentmaker. 1 Thessalonians 4:11 Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: You should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you.” The last thing people want is more drama in the workplace. 2 Thessalonians 3:11“For we hear that there are some among you who are idle. They are not busy but busybodies.”  Work hard.  Do your best.  Learn to rest.

How to Rest 

Exodus 20:10-11 “…but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God. You must not do any work—you, your son or daughter, your male or female servant, your livestock, or the resident alien who is within your city gates. For the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and everything in them in six days; then he rested on the seventh day.”  In sports, there are time outs and half-time. It is a time of recovery and renewal.  You have lunch breaks at work. You need a day off to rest, refresh and refuel.For Jews it was the Sabbath to commemorate the work of Creation. For Christians, it is Sunday to commemorate the work of salvation because that is the day Jesus rose from the dead.  It is more aboutWho you worship than When you worship. There is a rhythm to life.Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is take a nap. Psalm 23:1-3 “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul.” In music, you have a rest. You need margin on the pages of your life.Sabbath is when you cease from normal work. The Sabbath principle is an opportunity to see God work. If you rest, God will take care of the rest! If you take care of God’s business, He will take care of your business. Do you trust God or not?

How to Receive

Exodus 20:11 “…Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and declared it holy. Blessed. There was this running battle between the Pharisees and Jesus over the Sabbath. They took 39 Hebrew words in this command multiplied them by 39 and got 1521 things you could not do on the Sabbath. What God intended to be a blessing man turn into a burden. Jesus came to bring back the blessing. (Mark 2:27, Mark 3:2, Mark 16:2,Rev 1:10, John 20:19, 26,1 Cor. 16:1, Acts 20:7, Romans 14:5,Col 2:16, Heb. 3:7, Heb. 4:4) You don’t work to be saved, you work because you are saved (Eph. 2:8-10). Matthew 11:28-30 “Come to me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take up my yoke and learn from me, because I am lowly and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”Ultimately, the law shows us our need for Jesus. In the OT they worked then they rested.  In the NT we rest in the finished work of Jesus and then we work. Jesus is our Sabbath!

The Third Commandment

This week, we are looking at The Third Commandment.  2 of the 10 have to do with your speech.  Did you know you can sin with your words? Sins of speech are serious. Exodus 20:7 Do not misuse the name of the Lord your God, because the Lord will not leave anyone unpunished who misuses his name.

People love to hear their own name. I would tell my kids growing up what my parents and grandparents told me, “Don’t forget what your name is.” They spent a lifetime building a good name don’t go mess it up in one weekend. This is how God feels about His name. God does not want His name to be defamed. The name of the Lord your God is to be respected and protected.

The Majesty of His Name

Psalm 8:1 Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory in the heavens.

God’s name is majestic, magnificent, and excellent. Psalm 34:3 Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.

I love the new songs but I grew up in church singing All hail the power of Jesus Name let angels prostrate fall.  Bring forth the royal diadem and crown him Lord of all.  There is a name I love hear, I love to sing it’s WORTH, it sounds like music in mine ear the sweetest name on earth. His name is Wonderful. His name is wonderful. His name is wonderful Jesus my Lord. He is the might King, master of everything His name is wonderful Jesus my Lord. He’s the great shepherd the rock of all ages almighty God is He. Bow down before him. Love and adore him.  His name is wonderful Jesus my Lord.

There are over 700 names for Jesus in the Bible.  Why? because our God is so great it takes hundreds of names just to begin to describe His majesty and each name reveals something about the character of God.  The more you know about the names of God the more you know about God. Lord is Jehovah.  He is Jehovah Mekadesh. The Lord is holy.  Jehovah Rapha The Lord our healer.  Jehovah Shammah the Lord is there.  Jehovah Jireh the Lord who provides.  Jehovah Rohi the Lord is my Shepherd. Jehovah Nissi The Lord is our banner.  He is our mighty warrior.  Jehovah Shalom The Lord is my Peace. God is Elohim. He is the creator, sustainer, and supreme judge of the world. Elohim is plural. Showing us the triune God. Sometimes the word Elohim is shortened to El and used as part of a longer name.  El Elyon means God Most High or The most high God. El Roi God Who Sees. He sees what you are going through. He is El Shaddai God is more than enough.  All sufficient!  When Moses asked God what His name was in Exodus 3 God said I AM. There are 7 I am statements of Jesus. I am the bread of life, light of the world, good shepherd, the door, way, truth, life, true vine, resurrection and the life. 

Personal names of people include the name of God: Daniel God Is My Judge, Nathanael (“Gift of God”), Samuel (“Heard by God”), Places named after God Bethel House of God, Israel Prince of God.

David came against Goliath saying you come to me with a sword and spear, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts. There is power, victory, and safety in His name. Prov 18:10 The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

Psalm 20:7 Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

How did Jesus teach us to pray?  Matt 6 ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.  We are to treat God’s name with respect.  Psalm 22:2 Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name.

The Misuse of His Name Exodus 20:7

Do not misuse the name of the Lord your God, because the Lord will not leave anyone unpunished who misuses his name.

The word misuse or vain is used twice. It means without purpose or empty. God says, “Don’t throw my name around or be causal about my reputation.” God’s name carry’s weight. When you throw God’s name in a conversation you are claiming authority.  You can’t forge someone’s name. Don’t falsify God’s name. Forgery and ID theft, Spam, Spoofing is masquerades as another. If you lie to me that is one thing, but if you lie to the FBI or under oath you can go to jail.

God judged the people at Babel in Gen 11 because they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower whose top is in the heavens; let us make a name for ourselves instead of His name. God’s name is trademarked.  He is not going to let you use his name in an unauthorized way. Profanity is small people using small words.  Late night shows, comedians, are taking God’s name in vain but when it is His own family, own children, we have a problem and God has a problem with it. Eph 5:3 But fornication and all uncleanness or covetousness, let it not even be named among you, as is fitting for saints; 4 neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor coarse jesting, which are not fitting, but rather giving of thanks.

Don’t swear His name but wear His name.  I am not ashamed of the gospel.  Bear His name. Acts 5:41 So they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for His name. If your name is on it you stand behind it.  Don’t make promises and not keep them.  Let your yes be yes and your no be no.

Do you get frustrated when people twist your words and say you said something you did not say?  How much more God feels that way. When people call good evil and evil good.  Col 3:17 And whatever you do, in word or in deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. The reason we live and do ministry is to make much of His name.  We make His name known.  We make His name great.

The Miracle of His Name

Exodus 20:7 Do not misuse the name of the Lord your God, because the Lord will not leave anyone unpunished who misuses his name.

We have all broken the 10 commandments.  We have all sinned and taken the Lord’s name in vain.  We all deserve eternal punishment.  You will either pay for your sins for all of eternity in a place called hell or you let Jesus pay for your sins.

Matt 1:21 And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.” Acts 4:12 There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to people by which we must be saved.” Phil 2:9 Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, 10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11 and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Acts 2:21 whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Ro 10:13) 1 John 5:13 These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life.

Jesus lived up to His name! He saves people from sin.  On the cross Jesus wore our name so we can wear His name!

The Second Commandment

The first commandment is to make sure we worship the right God. The second commandment is to make sure we worship the right God the right way.

97% of American say they believe the 10 commandments but only 5% can name at least 3. Can you name them?  The first 4 teach us to love God.  The last 6 to love people. If your relationship with God is not right, your relationship with others will not be right.  The vertical affects to horizonal.Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and the second is to love your neighbor as yourself.  If you love me, you will keep my commandments! 

Who is Your God? In Exodus 20 God spoke…These are not the words of man or Moses. The God who spoke to Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses speaks to us today. He is personal. He is the Lord and He wants to be your God.  The 10 commandments are not just a list of do’s and don’ts or a list of restrictive rules. They are not legalistic but liberating!God wants you to say goodbye to bondage and hello to blessing! He is the God who delivers us from the slavery, bondage, addiction of sin.  He is the God who brings us out! This is the gospel, the good news of why Jesus came. He is the One and Only! God has an exclusivity clause. A no compete clause. Many businesses have a no compete clause. They want and expect loyalty.  How much more God does!

What is Your Idol? It took only one night for God to get Israel out of Egypt, but it took 40 years for God to get Egypt out of Israel.  Verse 4 says Do not make an idol for yourself… 5 Do not bow in worship to them, and do not serve them…Idol worship seems so primitive and third world.  But every day we have idols and false gods that compete for the throne of our heart. We do our bowing and serving with our bank accounts, credit cards, smart phones, search engines, and calendars.Every sin that you struggle with comes back to idolatry.

For yourself- Idols are self-centered.  They are for the worshipper not for God.  Everyone worships someone or something.  Idolatry is putting someone or something in the place of God. Romans 1:25. God does not share His glory with another. Idols are wrong because they are not a good representation of God. Psalm135:15 You become like what you worship. An idol is anything that takes the place of God in your life.  What do you sacrifice to and serve?  What do you devote your time and energy to? Where do you turn when things are going wrong?

One reason it is hard to identify your idol is because they are often good things.  God is not against money, sex, power or family. He made it all.  But when you start worshipping the gift more than the Giver it has become an idol.  Psalm 106:19People worship a house, a career, a job promotion, a championship team, a body that is fit, etc…Anything can become an idol.  If someone searched your computer and smart phone what would they find is your idol?  Kyle Idleman says in his book the gods at war, these questions will help reveal the problem areas.  What disappoints you?  Do you have hopes and longings other than God? Disappointments are God’s way of reminding us there are idols in our lives. What do you complain about? Whining is the opposite of worshiping. Where do you make financial sacrifices? Examine your spending habits and we can find out what is most important to you.  What worries you? What wakes you up and keeps you up?  Where is your sanctuary? Where is your place to run? God is to be our refuge and strength a present help in time of trouble.  What infuriates you and drives you crazy?  Maybe your temper reveals the idol of self. What are your dreams?  Is your motivation the glory of God or the glory and fame of self?

You do not have a lust, food, or money problem, you have a worship problem. Take food for example, do you eat for pleasure, comfort or nourishment? Why do you overindulge? Comfort food.  One of the names for God is the Comforter. That is why I have to fast. 

You need to worship the right God in the right way. We were created in the image of God.Just as mirrors reflect you. We bear His image.  We reflect the goodness and glory of God.  When we love, stand for justice, truth, and are generous we reflect His image.  The object of our worship is Jesus.  Jesus is the prefect image of God. Not people, trees, nature. Col 1:15Jesus is the image of the invisible God…Heb 1:1…Jesus is the express image of His person…What Are You Passing to the Next Generation? Verse 5…I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the fathers’ iniquity, to the third and fourth generations of those who hate me, 6 but showing faithful love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commands.

Jealousy is one of the attributes of God.  Idolatry is like prostitution and adultery.  In the Bible God’s people are His bride.  When God’s people worship other gods, they are committing spiritual adultery. God is not interested in an open marriage.  God is jealous for your heart because He loves you.

God is not punishing the children for the father’s sin, but He is talking about the impact of the father on your children.  Generational curses.  You can inherit negative traits from your earthly dad.  Once you come to Christ those issues no longer have rule over you. Make your decisions with your grandchildren in mind.

Idolatrous parents commit spiritual adultery.  They pass on to their kids a predisposition to commit the same sins.  Abraham lied about his wife and said Sarah was his sister.  It was a half-truth.  His son Isaac lied about Rebekah saying she is my sister it was a whole lie! Children often do in excess what Parents do in moderation. 

The 10 Commandments cannot save you. The Israelites failed.  Moses their mediator failed, but Jesus did not fail.  He came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it. The law drives us to Jesus! He lived the life we could not live and died the death we should have died. Where and how you worship, serve and live for God will affect your family forever.